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      Are You Suffering from Hypothyroidism (Low Functioning Thyroid)?

      Are you tired and gaining weight no matter what you eat or how much you are exercising? Are you losing hair or have brain fog? If so, you might have an undiagnosed thyroid problem called hypothyroidism. Or you may have already been diagnosed, and on thyroid medication, your lab tests come back in range but you are still suffering from low thyroid symptoms. In traditional medicine, hypothyroidism is treated with synthetic T4, (usually Synthroid or levothyroxine). However, many people cannot efficiently convert T4 to the more metabolically active T3. So, even if your T4 and TSH levels are optimal, if your free T3 levels are low, you may still experience symptoms.


      What is the Thyroid Gland?

      The thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland situated in the front of the neck, just below the Adam’s apple. Its function is to produce T3 and T4 (thyroid hormones) which are responsible for regulating and maintaining metabolism, mood, energy, weight, hair and skin health, and body temperature among other functions. Some of the T3 is also converted from T4 outside the thyroid gland.

      How Do We Treat Hypothyroidism?

      In our practice, we work on optimizing your thyroid levels, evaluating and treating not just T4 levels, but also your Free T3 levels, the more active, very important thyroid hormone, especially for your energy, metabolism and cardiovascular health. We look at a wider range of lab values than routinely checked, including TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 as well as thyroid antibodies. We optimize your levels using medications such as natural desiccated (porcine thyroid gland) such as Armour and Naturthroid. We also use natural, bio-identical compounded T4 and T3 medications, and at times we use levothyroxine, to which T3 can be added, as needed for your customized therapy. During treatment, we monitor both symptom and lab improvement, especially Free T3, which can really help with resolution of hypothyroid symptoms and helping you feel your best.

      We also utilize pharmaceutical grade, highest quality nutraceutical supplements, to further help your overall health and wellbeing. In our practice, we treat symptoms of low thyroid, or hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease using a natural, Functional Medicine approach. Lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, nutrition, fitness and other health conditions also play important parts in your thyroid health, and they are all addressed in your customized health plan.


      At Avanti Hormones and Functional Medicine, we treat the whole person, offering the most complete evaluation and the most effective treatment for hypothyroidism, resolution of symptoms, and getting you to feel your best. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, let us help you get back on the road to optimal health.tural, Functional Medicine approach. Lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, nutrition, fitness and other health conditions also play important parts in your thyroid health, and they are all addressed in your customized health plan.

      Symptoms of Low Thyroid Function:

      • Fatigue
      • Unexplained Weight Gain
      • Inability to Lose Weight
      • Mental Fog
      • Depression
      • Elevated Cholesterol Levels
      • Thinning Hair
      • Thinning Eyebrows
      • Increased Sensitivity to Cold
      • Constipation
      • Pale, Dry Skin
      • Puffy Face
      • Hoarse Voice
      • Muscle Aches, Tenderness and Stiffness
      • Pain, Stiffness or Swelling in Your Joints
      • Muscle Weakness
      • Heavier than Normal Menstrual Periods
      • Brittle Fingernails and Hair

      Why is Hypothyroidism So Common?

      The more common known reasons for low thyroid function are: Auto-immune Hashimoto’s Disease, surgical removal of thyroid, radiation treatment, medications for prior over-active thyroid disease (hyperthyroidism), pregnancy, nutrient deficiencies, congenital disease and pituitary disease. There are also less commonly known reasons, which account for the majority of hypothyroidism which include: Aging, hormonal imbalance, environmental toxins and chemicals in our food and environment, as well as nutritional imbalances and stress. At Avanti Hormones and Functional Medicine, we work on helping you optimize your thyroid, as well as the factors that may have contributed to it becoming imbalanced in the first place, using the principles of Functional Medicine. If you feel your thyroid needs to be optimized, contact us to help you with our specialized training and experience with thyroid health.

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