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      Personalized Weight Loss & Maintenance

      Customized Medical Weight Loss

      Have you been doing everything right - eating healthy, exercising, and still not losing more than a couple of pounds? It can be very frustrating, and we are here to help you finally loose the weight. There are several factors involved in weight loss, it is not just “calories in, calories out”. Our expertise in this field, allows us to look at many different factors to see what are is making it difficult for you, and help re-balance what is has become unbalanced with your health. Some of the variables we look at may include labs, including in-depth thyroid and hormone testing, as well as metabolic and genetic testing related to weight loss. We find out your personalized macronutrient diet; what is the best percentage of proteins, fats and carbs that you should eat, based on your DNA.

      Personalized weight loss & maintenance

      We also offer advanced testing looking into food sensitivities (IgG low grade inflammatory allergies, not acute allergies), which when addressed, may help with weight loss. Hormone optimization, including Thyroid and Adrenal balance, as well as Hormones, balancing hormones such as Testosterone and other steroidal sex hormones often leads to weight loss and increased energy among other benefits. Insomnia, and high stress levels are other factors that have a huge impact on weight and blood sugar, even leading to diabetes. We help you find your risk factors, address them utilizing lifestyle modification, nutrition, supplements, and medications used in the integrative, functional and anti-aging medical field.

      More importantly, we help you keep the weight OFF, and address your nutrition and lifestyle. We will help you maintain your new healthy body composition, while lowering your risk for chronic illnesses, with your customized recommendations, making it easier for you to succeed.

      We offer several different weight loss options, including traditional means, homeopathic methods, and HCG diet. We also offer special B vitamins and the amino acid, L. Carnitine injections to further help with energy and weight loss. The diets are briefly outlined below and will be explained in detail in your office visit. After reviewing your health history and labs, we customize a plan for you based on your lifestyle and wellness goals. We also offer special genetic testing to further customize your weight loss and long-term maintenance.

      Traditional weight loss includes dieting and taking certain supplements or prescription medications. An exercise plan and avoidance of certain foods are also part of the plan. We will give you a customized eating plan based on a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet with real food.

      Personalized weight loss & maintenance

      Another option is a natural homeopathic weight loss plan which utilizes holistic methods and special homeopathic drops, with a healthy anti-inflammatory diet to achieve weight loss and health goals. It works to suppress your appetite and is given in conjunction with a low calorie anti-inflammatory diet (typically 850 calories) for 3 to 6 weeks at a time. We typically see 3-4 pounds of fat loss (not muscle loss) per week for women and slightly more for men.

      HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced during pregnancy that has been found effective for weight loss. It works to suppress your appetite and is given via a painless injection. It is given in conjunction with a low calorie aniti-inflammatory diet (typically 850 calories) for 3 to 6 weeks at a time. We typically see 3-4 pounds of fat loss (not muscle loss) per week for women and slightly more for men.

      We also offer B vitamin and amino acid, L Carnitine injections, which further help increase energy, flush out fat, and help with appetite suppression. Losing weight, and changing your body composition to increase muscle and decrease fat mass, you not only look better, but feel amazing. Come in and get started with your customized weight loss plan, and feel better than you have in years!

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